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Kei (ケイ Kei) (Also "Kay") is one of the main characters of the Akira manga and anime franchise. A young woman whom Shotaro Kaneda meets while on his quest to find his friend Tetsuo Shima. She is a member of an anti-government organization that Ryu and Mr. Nezu are also involved in. In the anime, she appears to be slightly older than Kaneda, just as he appears younger in the manga.

Kei is voiced by Mami Koyama in Japanese, Lara Cody in the 1989 Streamline English dub, and Wendee Lee in the 2001 Pioneer English dub.


Kei's role in the Resistance is important because she is completely loyal to its cause and to Ryu. She is strong-willed and is the one to discover that Lady Miyako was one of the original child test subjects of the government's secret psychic project. Miyako helps Kei channel her thoughts and discovers she is a conduit for the Espers' telepathy. Kiyoko does this in the movie and Kei communicates with Kaneda and Tetsuo. She works closely with Chiyoko, a physically strong and resilient resistance fighter and they look out for each other. Near the end of the film, it is implied she is developing psychic abilities of her own.

1988 Akira Film Edit

Kei's role in the Resistance is less explored, throughout the original 1988 Anime, she is extremely loyal to the cause and Ryu. As a member of the Resistance, Key helped Ryu, and the man kidnaps Takashi during a point in the film, and witnessed his full telekinetic powers, before being arrested.

During her confrontation with Kaneda who freed her from the detention faculity, he invited her out for drinks, but only replied with thanks before disappearing once more. After an explosion at a mall, Kaneda saw her running with Ryu and helped her escape certain death after she killed a police officer. She made it to the meeting point, and saved Kaneda's life, when her fellow members of the resistance, wanted to kill him - believing him to be a spy. When Kaneda learned the location where Tetsuo was being held, he offered to help them and staged an escape.

After being chased down the sewers, they hijacked a hovering bike, where Kiyoko channeled through her discovering her latent abilities. After Tetsuo managed to escape himself, she and Kaneda were apprehended by the military and held in a prison cell, where she explained who Akira was.

"Akira is ultimate energy. Humans do all kinds of things in their lifetime right? Discovering things, building things, like houses, bridges, high speed trains, rockets. So where do you think all that energy comes from?"
After the door to the cell was unlocked, they believed it was too strange, and made their way down to the river, where they saw Takashi. Kei walked down to the river, and walked on top of the water, and went away with Takashi, where the other Espers helped her slow down Tetsuo in a climactic battle, unaware of the abilities she can wield. During the battle, she is injured and is rescued by Kaneda's friend.

During the climax of the film, when the three espers speak of how Akira is taking Tetsuo with them, they implied that they will all someday become like them. He quickly tells them its Kei they are talking about.


  • Kei is spelled Kay in early English translations, possibly for easier pronunciation and/or to avoid confusion with Kaisuke.
  • Kei's Japanese name is written in katakana unlike most of the characters in the franchise.