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Kaori (カオリ) is Tetsuo Shima's love interest in both the anime and manga versions. Her role differentiates between the two versions, but her personality remains constant as that of a shy and timid girl.


As Tetsuo's girlfriend, she stands by Tetsuo, even though he treats her with abuse in the hopes of appearing tough to his friends. When Tetsuo begins his rampage through Neo-Tokyo, she follows him, and when his powers manifest beyond his control and cause his body to warp and expand to grotesque proportions, even merging with his environment, she is engulfed in his flesh and crushed by his organs.


Kaori is a young girl who appears late in the story and is recruited as one of Tetsuo's sex slaves. She later becomes an object of his sincere affections. Kaori also serves as Akira's babysitter. She is later shot in the back by Tetsuo's Aide. Kaminari Tetsuo attempts to resurrect her, but fails. He then attempts to preserve her in Akira's cryogenic chamber.

It's unknown what happened to her later at the end of the manga.

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