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Kaisuke (甲斐), also known as Kai, is a high-ranking member of the Capsule gang, and is good friends with Shotaro Kaneda, and Tetsuo Shima.



He is first seen smirking after a member of the Clowns gets thrown through a window of a restaurant. Kaisuke was arrested along with the rest of The Capsules after Tetsuo Shima's crash with Takashi, an Esper.

After Tetsuo's second escape from the military hospital, he and Yamagata encounter him by chance in the ravaged Harukiya bar, and he witnesses Yamagata's death at Tetsuo's hands. Horrified, he flees until he Kaneda and Kei come across him. He aids the pair in their final fight with Tetsuo.

With Neo-Tokyo destroyed by Akira, Kaisuke feared Kaneda dead, having found his bike in ruins. Kaisuke is ecstatic to see Kaneda and Kei standing, alive, in the rubble.

Kaisuke is last seen riding off into the ruins of Neo-Tokyo with Kaneda and Kei.


Kaisuke is first seen in the harukiya bar with Kaneda and the others. He later then exits the bar when Kaneda goes chasing after the female known as Kei. Later, he assists Kaneda in assembling the numerous biker gangs of Neo Tokyo in an anti Tetsuo coalition. Subsequently, Kai takes part in the attack on the clowns and Tetsuo, after the failure of the attack and the death of Yamagata, Kai was taken to a Youth Correction Facility along with Joker.

Later on, after the second Akira explosion, Kai is seen in Lady Miyako's temple at the time of the Great Tokyo Empire's attack. He instantly recognises Kei and helps her repel Tetsuo's Aide, the two recognise each other and share a happy reunion. The mood is dampened by talk of Kaneda's "death" and Tetsuo's rise to power but the two decide to stay in the city to stop Tetsuo. Later on, after the Empire's second attack attempt, Kai reunites with Kaneda and forces him into an embrace, esctatic to see his friend and leader alive. Kai takes Kaneda to the hideout and residence of the remainder of the biker gang population in Neo Tokyo in an abandoned hotel. The two meet up with Joker and promise to stop Tetsuo because of what he has done. After this, the two embark to rescue Kei from Tetsuo's minions, "stealing" two of Joker's bikes in the process. That night, after rescuing Kei, Kai accompanies the Colonel in watching the remainder of Tetsuo's forces in the area. The morning after, Kai and Kaneda take the incapacitated Kei back to Lady Miyako's temple in a retrofitted Guardian robot.

Kai later accompanies Kaneda in his all out offensive against Tetsuo in the Olympic Stadium. Kai is briefly given the responsibility of watching Akira during the skirmish but later passes Akira on to another biker in order to find Joker. Kai witnesses the third and final Akira explosion and survives the blast, wondering what has become of his friend Kaneda.

Some time later, Kai assists Kaneda in repelling UN forces trying to enter the city, tagging all military vehicles with the letter A. Kai is later seen with Kaneda, Kei, Joker and the rest of Kaneda's forces riding back into Neo Tokyo.

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