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Colonel Shikishima (敷島大佐 Shikishima Taisa), referred to usually as The Colonel, is the head of the secret government project conducting research on psychic test subjects (including the Esper children, Tetsuo Shima, and formerly Akira). Although he originally appears to be an antagonist, the Colonel is actually an honorable and dedicated soldier committed to protecting Neo-Tokyo from any second onslaught of Akira. He is usually referred to by Kaneda as The Skinhead due to his distinctive crew cut hairstyle.

At one point in the manga, he is stripped of his power and attempts a coup d'etat in order to protect Neo Tokyo from the harm that Akira and Tetsuo's power.

Appearance Edit

The Colonel is known for his distintive haircut. He is very tall compared to the others. He is mostly seen in a suit but also sports military clothing when necessary.

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